Superforecasting – The art and science of prediction

Superforecasting the art and science of prediction book cover

A really attractive tittle, and the content is true to it. But unfortunately it doesn’t go beyond explaining an unknown world of superforesters that put their effort in predicting future events.


The most you will take out of this book is to know that there’s an algorithm and an application that collects all the inputs of the predictors and aggregates the results to determine who are the most fitted to the job: the superforecasters.

With this I won’t say that it’s not an interesting reading. But maybe it gets repetitive after the second or third time that repeats the amazing thing that “normal” person can get to be a really efficient predictor of political and economical future events.

Author: Wenceslao Oujo

Compulsive reader. Interested in behavioral economy, statistical analysis and packaging What's one problem? an exciting opportunity to squeeze your mind.

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